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I was a member at the Retro Fitness North Wales, PA location. I joined because I had a health condition, and on top of that I was unemployed.

I also had personal training with the E.F.T. Group. The E.F.T. Groups staff and management are very unprofessional, and they do not know what they are doing.

They raise their voices at clients, which is very rude way of treating an individual. The trainers favor clients. They are immature and make fun of people in front of their faces. They have no skills of client services .

Their management gets fired for picking up woman and men and trying to get their phone numbers. So much for diet and fitness! You have to be one of their friends to be treated properly. One of the trainers friends, which I believe was more than that, because she was on his Facebook that I came across, and she always was in the middle of my sessions that I was paying for.

I did not appreciate that, and I am not paying for anyone else to be in my sessions. I was recommended to this trainer by E.F.T.'s management,that I was happy with because I had an issue with another trainer. That is why it is called one on one personal training. Nobody else should be in it.

After that incident, I raised an issue with the EFT Group, and spoke to Brian, the Customer Service Director. He has no customer service skills at all. I thought I was talking to a little boy in Kindergarten. They do not know how to handle issues at all or questions.I cancelled my personal training.

E.F.T. had a problem with that and accused me of ruining their business and causing problems. I was there to take care of my health and nothing more. I told him, check out the internet complaint board.

People want your company and Retro Fitness shut down. I was accused of things that the trainers do,and how they conduct themselves. E.F.T. also called the police on me.

I am no longer permitted in this healthclub again. I also approached this trainers friend, and she is not worth anything. She is a piece of garbage. She is older than me and immature.

I was accused by her that I threatened her, when she was giving me a lot of ***. She told the Retro Fitness Manager, Chris, who does not know how to handle issues either. He complains about other companies, when he can even handle their own issues. These people are joke and a bunch of liars .

I found the Retro Fitness corporate office CEO and President information. I sent a complaint letter out to him, I emailed him, and I found out the name of the owner who owns the Retro Fitness North Wales, PA location. There are 3 people that own this healthclub. They did not get back to me for three months.

I spoke to one of the owners of the healthclub, and he does not care. What he told me was, that they want me to find happiness at another healthclub and does not know what is going on in my life. This has nothing to do with the issues I raised. The E.F.T.

Group does not even have a contract or own the healthclub. Only 1 person owns the E.F.T. Group that has 5 employees running it poorly. I told him what company would have a business that has a D+ on the BBB inside of a business you own.

They are just as bad. So much for wanting business in this economy, they kick people out. Retro Fitness has a very immature staff as well. You pay cheap, you get cheap.

Investigate before going to any healthclub. I would tell people to stay away from this place.

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New City, New York, United States #700391

Sadly, I wished I read your comment prior to me joining Retro Fitness. They are my worst nightmare.

I got hurt by one of the EFT trainers. I submitted not 1 but 3 medical notes stating I can't exercise for an undetermined time. I am currently under a neurosurgeon's care and going to physical therapy. They don't care.

I was told the doctor must write permanently disable for me to be free from contract. They would be happy to freeze! How can I go back to a place that mistreats their clients. All they want is my money.

If I want to cancel I must pay the membership in full. I contacted the BBB and I waiting for a response from them.


New York City, New York, United States #614810

Talk about getting ripped off. I had a 1year contract with eft.

Was told I had to renew my contract, so I did. They never stopped charging my cc for my first contract. Now iam paying for 2 contracts. They told me my first contract is on auto renewal so I need to write a letter to cancel.

Then why the f*** did they make me renew. Now I'm fighting to get my money back. $1400.00.

Also they collect first month and last month at signing and still charged me for my last month.


Stay away from all retro fitness gyms. The EFT Group is the worst training company they have.

I just read they call the police on people because of their trainers poor friends.

I believe I may know the person who wrote this. I wish this person the best of luck finding a better place, and so should everyone else.

Miss Pissed Off

I am the one who posted the above complaint. Everyone should start filing a complaint on the

They will bring any complaint to the news if the consumer wants it.

Also you should also file a complaint with the The more people that complain about EFT, they will investigate and stop business.

to Christina20 #644761

Im shocked to see all these bad reviews about EFT Group.

I myself need your advice on what happened to me with EFT group and Retro fitness.

I joined the gym in November last year and started personal trainer sessions with this guy named Armcando at retro fitness 6402 Kennedy boulevard West New york, NJ.

My first 2 sessions were fine. then he stopped showing up to my sessions. On 3 ocacasions he stood me up. then took 11 days to returned my unproffessional. I wanted to cancel my contracts. he said all I have to do is to send a certified letter to corporates and that is it. I did that and I also requested the refund of what I had paid and the sessions I didnt received. Eft group lost my letter and I had to send it again.

Eft group refused to cancel my contracts and said I had to pay 75% of my contract agreements. I was furious.I contacted Armando again and he said that he would take care of it. He assured me that he talked to corporates and that my contracts was canceled. Few months later I found out that my case is in collections and plus fee Eft grous wants to collect about 2000 dollars, my case is with collections and attorney. they will have the right to put a levy on my account.

I have saved all Armando texts messages.

Should I sue the company? Armando?

I dont know where to turn? Please help.

Thank you

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